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How to Play Swing Copters
This blog post will show you how to play Swing Copters. Swing Copters is much more difficult than Flappy Bird. Also, you change directions in this game. In Flappy Bird, you go right. In Swing Copters, you go up. In order to be successful at Swing Copters, you have to tap the screen very fast. You must dodge the obstacles. I play this on my Apple iPhone 5S but maybe an Android device would be better. One that has a much bigger screen.

posted on 2014-08-24

Acer C720 Screen Sucks
I thought I would head over to walmart and check out the chromebooks. What a mistake. The screen on the acer c720 sucks. It reminds me of the screen from old flip phones with color screens. Awful. I guess I will have to wait awhile before Google produces a decent chromebook. I guess. I should blame Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, HP, and Dell as well.

posted on 2014-07-12

Vine Famous
Do you know anyone that is Vine famous? I don't. I think Vine is dumb. Isn't Vine famous an oxymoron? Sure, Vine is popular. It's not that popular, though. Vine is like an afterthought. "Oh yeah, Vine...those funny Internet videos." I really don't get it. Isn't YouTube good enough? Why not just upload a video on Youtube that is seven (7) seconds long? Oh well.

posted on 2014-06-15

Windows 8 is Awesome
I love Windows 8. I think Windows 8 is awesome. Shock! Horror! How could I say such a thing? Well, I was wrong about Windows 8. I read all the whining blog posts on the Internet "THE START BUTTON WAHHHH!!!!". Look, bros. Everything is going to be okay. The Start menu doesn't bother me. Yes, there is no Start Shutdown or Start Sleep Hibernate whatever. You can make a shortcut for shutdown if you are particularly savvy. or you just know how to use Google. Microsoft is going to add Shutdown Sleep Hibernate whatever back to the Start menu in their next update.

By the way, did you know that Windows 8 uses less RAM than Windows 7? You better believe it, son! How exactly is Windows 8 bad now? Oh, no gadgets in Windows 8. I didn't even use those in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Do I really need to know how many RAM is being used ALL THE TIME? I don't think so. I also know what day it is. I also know the time. It just seemed to me like the entire Internet is on a Windows 8 hatefest. I menu there are YouTube videos devoted to bashing Windows 8. That takes commitment. Try Windows 8. It really isn't as bad as the Internet makes it out to be. It really isn't bad period.

Should you upgrade to Windows 8 if you have 7? I really don't think that is worth it. New machine? Sure. Go right ahead.

posted on 2014-03-14

Flappy Bird Sucks
It needs to be said. Flappy birds sucks. It's probably the hardest video game I have ever played in my life. There's no music. Just the flapping sound effect and the sound you hear when you clear one of the pipe areas that appear to be stolen from Super Mario Brothers. I have only cleared 4 pipe areas. How on earth is this the best selling number one game in the App Store? I know Apple is telling the truth but I still find it hard to believe.

posted on 2014-02-08

posted on 0000-00-00

classy bro
I am not very creative. Sometimes I struggle to come up with titles for my blog posts. Today's title is classy bro. When I think of the word classy I think of Anchorman. Stay classy, San Diego! I don't use the word bro very often. I probably only use it while I'm driving. Watch out, bro. Don't even think about it, bro. Nice move, bro. This is probably the most random blog post I have ever written!

posted on 2014-02-07

Worst Super Bowl Ever Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos
Joke bowl burn bowl oops bowl whatever you would like to call it the seattle Seahawks Denver broncos Super Bowl was the worst Super Bowl I have ever seen in my life. Peyton Manning was horrible. Russell Wilson was amazing. Game over!

posted on 2014-02-02

Health Savings Account and Massage
I actually looked into this. You cannot use your health savings account (HSA) for a massage. Talk about an appropriate use of the first world problems meme pic!

health savings account massage

posted on 2014-01-31

Alexa Top 48000
Well, Wow Bored continues to move up! Wow Bored is now in the Alexa Top 48000 list of sites. I am getting tired of thanking the Academy so I guess I will thank the awesome people that go to this site every day. Thank you!


posted on 2014-01-11

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